St. Ives


I have been coming to St Ives since I was 7 years old and for those acquainted to the area, the following will hopefully bring a buzz of familiar memories from summer holidays past. For those who don’t know St. Ives, this will make you wish you did.

St. Ives is the place where people sit on the beach whatever the weather, wind, rain or shine.


A place where seagulls are public enemy number one – hold on to your prawn sandwich.

Where old couples sit by the harbour enjoying a 99-flake ice cream holding hands.

Where the sea is as turquoise as Greece one day and mysteriously grey the next.

A place where you can sit outside The Sloop with a pint and watch the world go by.

Where a favourite pastime is comparing a dog owner’s appearance to that of their dog.

Where you can buy rip-off sunglasses for 10 quid – how do you like my Rayflectors?

Where, whilst walking the coastal path from Carbis Bay to St Ives, you feel transported to a hobbit’s glen out of Lord of the Rings.


In St. Ives you will likely see the café chef pick vegetables from his garden for your lunch.

It is the place where families build beach forts with tents and windbreakers and try to get the same spot everyday of their holiday.

Surfers strut with golden hair and weathered fisherman unload their daily catch.

Where the lighthouse flickers to the boats at night.

Where doing yoga on a paddleboard is just getting popular.

Where doing yoga in general is a standard daily practice.

A place where the local catch goes straight to a local restaurant and not on a truck bound for Timbuktu.

Where the hippy locals sell trinkets and vintage jewellery in the masses.image_9

The place where you learn that clouds maketh a sunset, every time.

In St. Ives, even the graffiti gives you a positive message.

A place where you could get lost down a man made hole on the beach if you aren’t careful.

The butterflies play here and the wildflowers grow.

The sand is golden and soft on your feet.

It is the place where the local vintage shop already has a ready made wooden sign for the door in case of they need to nip out for 10 minutes.

Where pottery art lovers will be in heaven.image_13

Where any art lover will be in heaven.

Where dogs are always welcome.

Where the old phone box still has pride of place outside the pub despite the awkward positioning.

Where the streets are cobbled and lined with blue shutters and hanging baskets.

Where it really doesn’t matter if it is rain or shine, you will love it anyway.

St Ives, the place where it is perfectly acceptable to write a message in the sand, instagram and send.

Where the arcade game shop is still there after 50 years and the tackiness is completely acceptable.image_7

Where Cornish Cream Tea is a daily routine.

This is a place where fat seals bob in the harbour with the boats and the local kids jump off the pier.

Where you will find clothes that last you years and that no one else has. Anywhere.

Where the local car of choice is an old skool Landrover Defender.

You will eat the freshest, whitest fish.

Every picture you take here has a natural frame.

Where nautical themed clothes can be found en masse.image_14

Where crabbing on the harbour is fun for all ages.

St. Ives, the place where the roofs are stained yellow with lichen.

A place where even my Dad relaxes.

My heaven on earth.




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